American Tussle seeks to do two things: examine our nation’s problems from a new perspective, and prescribe solutions.

This site speaks from the perspective of a political independent, with experience in the legislative and executive branches, and having worked for both parties.

American Tussle will call out the ways in which both parties have helped fuel America’s cultural divisions and political stagnation. Neither will be spared.

Rather than responding to breaking news, American Tussle will construct meta-analysis on broad phenomena concerning our government, its citizens, and the media. A range of creative writing devices, particularly odd and absurd metaphors, will be utilized to enhance readability.

American Tussle maintains that President Donald Trump is a net negative for the advancement of the United States. The benefits his election have offered, through forcing reassessments of our norms, values and methods of doing government business, have thus far failed to outweigh the damage his governance has had on America’s institutions and crucial standing in the world.

However, American Tussle believes that public hostility toward political and cultural opponents will not help fix these problems, and will exacerbate them by solidifying the resolve of the President, his cohorts, and his supporters.

American Tussle believes rather that the solutions to our problems are: compassion, reconciliation, and compromise – online, in the halls of Congress, and in family rooms across the county.

American Tussle considers its recommendations a “middle way,” falling outside, or in between, our two major political traditions, but wholly inline with the beliefs of tens of millions of politically unaffiliated Americans who remain without representation in both government and the media.

American Tussle, at its core, seeks to do what it believes all media organizations should hold as their primary journalistic ethic: to help readers become better citizens.

Finally, American Tussle will strive to convince readers of reasons to be hopeful for America’s future, and that compassion is the path to peace, reconciliation is possible, and compromise will win the day.